• Four user contact points (foot platform, knee pad, seat pads and grip handle) promote stability, support and comfort for the user – resulting in greater confidence in the transfer
  • Rigid foot platform – provides a stable surface for the user to stand on and support their own weight
  • Height adjustable soft knee pad (250-490mm) – provides comfortable counter balance stability during transfers
  • Soft seat pads – swing out of the way to allow user access and swing back into place to provide a comfortable seating surface
  • Soft touch grab handle – assists the user to move independently from sitting to standing
  • Lockable 75mm castors – the platform remains stationary while a user is transferring, while minimising the leg height for sufficient clearance beneath beds and furniture
  • Width adjustable legs activated via 2 foot pedals, provide the ability to manoeuvre closer to furniture, toilets or beds for safer access
  • Clip-sling attachment points – allows a standing sling (optional accessory) with clips to be used for additional support where required
  • Easy to clean surfaces – for effective and hassle-free infection control

AS/NZS ISO 10535:2011


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