At Adaptive Equipment, we’re committed to compassion and accessibility. We believe that an active life is for everyone in Australia, which is why we provide mobility equipment and aids that work for every person with restricted mobility. With products that are NDIS-compliant, we aim to create a world where everybody lives a fulfilling and happy life.

Our Story

Adaptive Equipment was born with the vision of two devoted parents who had a clear purpose in mind — to improve the comfort and quality of life of their disabled son and all disabled people facing similar challenges. 

Now, Adaptive Equipment is driven by the desire to enrich lives through independence and freedom to move. Adaptive Equipment emerged from a family business into a complete online solution for those seeking affordable and reliable mobility aids designed to meet the diverse needs and rigours of everyday life.

With science-backed innovation and exceptional customer service on our side, Adaptive Equipment has shaped the mobility aid market and become a trusted name in the industry. Our focus remains resolute — to make independent mobility available and accessible to everyone.

Our Values

At our core, we’re driven by a commitment to exceptional and outstanding customer service. Our values are focused on making your decision-making process free of stress even if it means guiding you towards options beyond what we offer you at Adaptive Equipment.

While we respect the expertise and knowledge of every healthcare professional, we also understand that they won’t always be well-versed in the mechanisms of mobility aids — that’s where we step in to bridge the gap.

By providing you with a friendly service experience, we ensure accessibility at all levels so that your shopping experience is smooth and straightforward. Just as life with a mobility aid should be.

Our Vision

At Adaptive Equipment, your utmost satisfaction, value for money, and right to be informed in your choices guide every step we take. Whether it’s selecting a walking stick or a wheelchair, we believe that helping you choose the right equipment is more important than making a sale.

We ensure you’re armed with the right information to help you in choosing your mobility aid so you receive the best solutions. With dedicated occupational therapists on board to help clients, you can choose the right mobility equipment that suits your needs and helps you regain your independence. 

At Adaptive Equipment, we’re the ultimate destination for reliable mobility assistance and solutions. Our ultimate vision is to help our customers and clients live a happy and confident life with an independence that continues to let them have amazing experiences, both old and new.

Hear From Our Customers

"Very friendly and helpful staff. Ended up buying my new lift chair there and their delivery service was great."

Len Waller

"Friendly, helpful and informative service which really made it easy for choosing the right product for my mum. Highly recommend"

Cindy Johnston

"Great service from friendly helpful staff with good product knowledge, Thankyou for helping decide which lift chair was suitable for us."

Gayle Fuller

"John was really helpful & was able to get me exactly what I needed when I went in. Great store, covid safe, friendly, helpful.
Was finally able to go instore & find the exact threshold mat that fit, as well as a couple of suction cup nail brushes, a long shoe horn, & a suction cup shower holder. Will definitely be going back for anything else I need."


"Excellent customer service! Great range of equipment. They help with any queries you have and make you feel herd!"

Naomi Bethune

"Brilliant Service and knowledge about the product that I needed, great people which made my choice easy. Highly recommend."

Phillip Mortimer

"We had excellent service which was very client focused."

Barbara Northcott

Adaptive Equipment: Reclaim Your Independence

From long-term health conditions to restricted movement, we are your partner in your journey towards improved mobility and independence. Your satisfaction and wellbeing are at the heart of everything we do.

Make your move towards freedom with Adaptive Equipment — browse our mobility aid catalogue today.

Common Questions

Why should I choose Adaptive Equipment over others for my mobility aid needs?

We’re dedicated to excellent customer service. Our focus goes beyond just selling products — we want to ensure you’re making fully informed choices that truly suit your needs.

How can you assist me in choosing the right mobility aid?

Our team includes experienced and dedicated support staff on the phone and in store  to provide personalised guidance. We’ve spoken with many people in your situation, and we get it. Although we may not have all the answers straight away, we will be happy to conduct research on your behalf to make sure we provide you with the right information. 

Ultimately, the team at Adaptive Equipment is committed to helping you choose the right product that fits your situation and gives you back some of your independence. We will not shy away from recommending you to one of our competitors if their product fits your needs.

Are your prices competitive, and do you offer budget-friendly options?

Being reasonably priced and affordable is among the many things we stand for — it’s the cornerstone of our approach. Our prices are designed to be accessible without compromising on quality. Everyone should have the opportunity to access the right solutions for their mobility needs.

What if I need assistance after making a purchase?

Our friendly team of experts is here to support you at every step of your online purchase. From questions, concerns or guidance, your satisfaction is our priority even after your purchase is complete.

Do you offer solutions for both temporary injuries and long-term mobility challenges?

Our range of mobility aids caters to a huge range of needs. Whether you’re in need of temporary support during recovery or a long-term solution for ongoing mobility challenges, we have mobility solutions that can fit your lifestyle.


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