Electric Adjustable Beds on the Gold Coast

Do you or your loved one suffer from health problems that make getting in and out of bed difficult? Do store-bought beds give you back pain or are they too uncomfortable to allow you to sleep well? Whatever the issue, Adaptive Equipment is here to help. We offer electric adjustable beds from Avante Australia, the name you can trust for electric beds.

If you need an adjustable bed on the Gold Coast, contact us today.

What can an adjustable bed do for you?

Different people need an electric bed for different reasons, and not every bed is created equally. However, when you choose a high-quality bed from Adaptive Equipment, you can expect to see a few key benefits, such as:

  • Relief from back pain, neck tension, body soreness and swollen legs and ankles
  • Reduced snoring, breathing difficulties and sleep apnea
  • More ease getting into and out of bed
  • Relief from acid reflux, heartburn and arthritis pain

Whether you need an adjustable bed because of age-related problems or if you’ve just had surgery, we can help you find the bed that is best for you.

The beds we sell allow for multiple different customisation options. You can raise your head and shoulders to a comfortable position, raise your feet and legs to help with swelling and even adjust your hips and torso as well. Scroll to the bottom of this page to see the different Avante Australia beds that we offer.

Why trust Adaptive Equipment?

We are a family-run business with personal stakes in the mobility and healthcare industries. Our own children need daily living aids, and so we want to make sure that others can find the aids that they need to stay healthy and happy. To accomplish that, we work closely with you to ensure that you get what you need for an affordable price.

Contact us on 07 5661 4432 to learn more about our electric adjustable beds.

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